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Your Free Digital Red Carpet Tri-Launch Invitation
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Your Free Digital Red Carpet Tri-Launch Invitation

You are digital red carpet invited

to join us in a trinity crypto innovation trinity launch tomorrow.


The event happens this Saturday 20th of June on the Summer Solstice in Crypto Voxels.

13:30 PST 16:30EST 15:30 CST 20:30 UTC 21:30 GMT 22:30 CET

Visit the incredible CryptoVoxels digital art gallery, built as a virtual ancient proportion holding cutting edge tech pyramid. It is filled with life-altering secrets, cutting edge treasure, and mind-gasm art. It’s a crypto gamified living and ever-evolving art gallery with sight, sound, and wisdom.

My deepest respect for all those on this schedule. 

  • Introduction by Matthew from Cent
  • Ogar, the pyramid builder
  • The collaboration with DAO records and the art & music combo NFT with the piece with words from Vandal & Unknow Miz & VESA)
  • QR code gamification and social token.
  • Vandal plays music for 30 mins.

The $VESA tokens are for the levitating round table knights, mystic muse crypto queens, and bohemian dimension shifting spirit soldiers. The holders of the circular flame will be able to claim

  • NFT art
  • Physical art gifts
  • 1/1 Coaching sessions
  • Exclusive content
  • event deals – both digital and by foot
  • More, as we creatively wing this

It is for those who remember their source code, or are on their way there, and aren’t afraid to show it!

For your first dose of that, we need your ETH address and your consent:

Just click through here

Thanks to Whale Shark Pro for donating the land to build this on.

See you at the pyramid,

Crypto Artist
Official Pages:
Crypto Art
Artevo Platform
Twitter Insta LinkedIn



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