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[WSOT 2022] Hear It From the WSOT Pros: Tips to Lead Your Te...

[WSOT 2022] Hear It From the WSOT Pros: Tips to Lead Your Team to Victory


Are you ready to lead the charge as Squad Leader for WSOT 2022, a.k.a the biggest crypto trading competition?

You’re in luck, because we’ve got some useful tips from WSOT 2021’s troop leaders to give you a winning edge!

Here are their top three tips:

  1. Leverage the power of social media: Tap on your networks to invite friends and grow your team.
  2. Teamwork makes the dream work: Start a group chat to enhance collaboration.
  3. Risk management is key: Control your risk, keep your pace — and above all, keep your cool.

To learn more, check out their interviews here:

Joe Takayama l SalsaTekila l Ahn Si-hu

ICYMI, here are the special perks exclusive to Squad Leaders:

  • Get a 20% cut (the largest portion!) of your squad’s total prize
  • Earn up to 1,800,000 USDT if your squad is in the top 10 based on squad size
  • Popularity Reward: When your squad reaches a certain size, you can earn additional BTC rewards

Curious to find out more about signing up as a Squad Leader? Click here to get all your burning questions answered! 🔥

Source: Bybit Blog


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