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Why the Casino Industry Is Crypto’s Biggest Growth Market fo...

Why the Casino Industry Is Crypto’s Biggest Growth Market for 2021?

Casino Betting Casino Betting Coin (CBC) is uniquely placed to capitalise on the opportunities I’ve outlined above.

For one, CBC’s biggest hodler is Greentube, the online division of Novomatic. For those who don’t know, Novomatic is one of the largest casino companies in the world. In 2019, they posted annual revenues of more than 2.6 billion euros.

Casino Betting Greentube’s social casino, This integration is introducing cryptocurrency to the site’s millions of monthly visitors, often for the first time. And via our partner MoonPay, we are able to make the introduction as seamless as possible, offering users the option to purchase their CBC with their bank card in a few seconds.

Better than Bitcoin for gamers

For the high-speed world of online gambling, Casino Betting

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” href=”” data-wpel-link=”internal”>Coin is a better match than Bitcoin. Faster transactions are an important factor for players, and transactions can be anonymised within a casino operator.

Our ability to provide treasuries for casinos and support them with a ready-made gaming ecosystem is also critical. There are also a host of second layer activities, such as staking or allowing users to become the house which simply isn’t possible on the Bitcoin blockchain.

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