Telegram Responds to Investors on SEC Action, Hearing Set for Oct. 24

TON developers respond to its investors, claiming that they have been trying to solicit feedback from the SEC for the…

Bitcoin Price: Which Countries Have the Biggest Premiums?

The Philippines and Hong Kong are the most affected by crypto price premiums. Here is the full list Source:

2019 May Be the Year of Regulatory Response to Crypto: Ex-CFTC Chairman

2019 will be the year when regulators may start considering some response to cryptocurrencies, says former CFTC chairman Source:

US SEC Halts TON Launch Over $1.7B ICO — Highest-Level Action Yet?

SEC halts $1.7 billion TON ICO in what experts call “highest-level action to date.” Learn the details Source:

Telegram’s TON Board Takes a Break, Removes All History From Channel

Following a red flag from U.S. regulators, private TON channel TON Board announces a temporary halt, removing all previous posts…

Bank of Ireland Execs Back Out of Testifying in OneCoin Scam Hearings

Bank of Ireland executives change their stance about voluntary testimony in the OneCoin scam case Source:

Breaking: US SEC Deems $1.7 Billion Telegram Offering Illegal, Orders Halt

U.S. SEC orders emergency action against Telegram GRM offering Source:

Chinese Mining Giant Canaan to Go Public in US in November: Sources

Chinese crypto mining giant Canaan Creative plans to be listed as a publicly traded company in the U.S. in November…

US SEC, FinCEN, CFTC Jointly Warn Against Illicit Use of Crypto Assets

Rare joint statement from U.S. SEC, CFTC and FinCEN asks crypto holders to fall in line with AML/CFT regulations Source:…

US IRS Add Question on Crypto Usage to New Income Tax Form Draft

The U.S. IRS adds question to 1040 income tax form to find out if taxpayers have been dealing with cryptocurrencies…

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