PR: Top 4 Bitcoin mixers (tumbler) 2019

The biggest question beginners in Bitcoin technology always ask is whether or not Bitcoin is anonymous. And the truth is, it isn’t.

Bitcoin is pseudo-anonymous. This means anyone can be able to track a transaction and link it to your real identity.

To help you avoid such a thing and stay under the radar, Bitcoin tumbling, also known as mixing services have been introduced. This is the process by which third party services not affiliated to bitcoin break the connection between the inputs and the outputs. Inputs are the sending addresses and the outputs are the receiving accounts.

There are very many tumbling services today. The problem is, you cannot trust all of them. As much as mixing is the best way to launder Bitcoins, it is very risky.

Governments are always on their tails and you may be shocked to find a service you used yesterday shutdown. We have seen many such instances already. This is why you need to be very careful.

The best way to go about it is to identify a trusted service. There are several too you can put your faith in. In this article, we have reviewed three, among the top ranking mixers.

Simple Bitcoin tumbler service you can trust. The reason why it stands out from other services is that you can add large volume transactions on the list.
They don’t have maximum transaction. Thanks huge reserve.

The least transaction you can make is 0.01BTC. Anything lower than this to them becomes a donation. The minimum fee is 2-5%. There is also an additional small miners fee. Mixing service guarantee high privacy and anonymity. They do not store logs and accessible by TOR to ensure mutual trust.

Bitcoin mixing with this service works by sending your coins to their secure pool where they are then mixed with coins belonging to others. You’ll receive coins from wallets which are unrelated to yours, thereby breaking the link between your old and new wallets and giving you the freedom to transact anonymously on the blockchain.

It supports mixing for Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin, giving you a wide variety of options for preserving your privacy!

Bitcoin Mix is a very easy to use service. It has been around for some time now and gained trust from many users.

The custom delay time on the platform is 30 minutes with a minimum transaction of fee of 0.0001BTC. Bitcoinmix is a great and impressive service for those looking to gain anonymity with their Bitcoin transactions.

All the aforementioned services are great at mixing Bitcoin. But as an extra caution, use more than 3 accounts on each transaction.

Bit Blender is among the oldest mixing services today. Launched in 2014, the service has been around for several years. It is also the most popular scrambler of the dark web.

The mixing fee on the service is randomized at 1-3%. It allows you to send Bitcoins to up to 10 different addresses. You have the most secured transactions. The fee is random because they want to ensure maximum anonymity.

There are additional tools on BitBlender that makes the experience even more fulfilling. For instance there is the Auto-withdrawal and the quick-withdrawal features. This will save your coins from any loss caused by delayed withdrawal. With these tools you can automatically mix your coins while making it as first as possible.

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