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Mantle: Bybit x BitDAO’s Next-Level Opportunity

Mantle: Bybit x BitDAO’s Next-Level Opportunity

Presenting the Next Level Opportunity — Mantle

On Nov 30, 2022, BitDAO ,announced, the launch of Mantle Testnet, a layer 2 scaling solution built on Ethereum. Mantle aims to be a leader on the frontier of Ethereum scaling solutions, deriving lessons from and experimenting with both optimistic rollups and zero-knowledge rollups through an iterative and modular approach. As of the time of writing, Mantle is the only L2 blockchain incubated by a DAO. Mantle and BitDAO will share the same native token $BIT.

What Sets Mantle Apart?

1. ,Unique Technology Stack , ⎯ Empowering Mantle to agilely navigate the blockchain trilemma of security, cost and scalability, while staying true to the values of decentralization.

2. ,A Hyper-Scaled Solution, ⎯ Mantle can breed innovative projects in areas such as blockchain games and decentralized finance that demand higher throughput, faster finality, and lower fees.

3., An Iterative Modular Blockchain Solution, ⎯ Enabling constant development as advanced ZK technology comes online. In addition, Mantle separates the data availability and execution layers, making it easier to upgrade the chain and thus building scalability even further.

How Are Bybit, BitDAO & Mantle Related?


BitDAO,,BitDAO is one of the largest treasuries in the Web3 space,. ,TheBitDAO community will govern the Mantle network by holding BIT, while BIT will be used to fund transaction fees, provide funds for Mantle projects and distribute staking rewards. A vibrant development of BitDAO will drive utility for BIT and reward the BitDAO community through value creation.

Bybit,,Bybit works hand-in-hand with BitDAO to develop new technologies that let people work, engage, and transact together in new ways. We are committed to supporting Mantle’s ecosystem, which would in turn power and grow our own ecosystem. Looking forward, we hope to connect our users to Dapps built on the Mantle network, enabling users access to Web3 trading experiences empowered by advanced blockchain technology.

Learn More about Mantle


Nov 30, 2022 — BitDAO announced the soft launch of Mantle

Jan 10, 2023  — Mantle Testnet went live

Feb-Mar, 2023 — Launch of Mantle Mainnet 

Jun, 2023 — Proposal for BitDAO chain

Find out more about Mantle during the following events!

Jan 19, 2023 — AMA with Mantle’s head of ecosystem Arjun Kalsay as well as Bybit’s co-founder and CEO, Ben Zhou. The AMA would focus on how Mantle’s plans to drive innovative ways of ecosystem building and accelerate L2 adoption across the globe.

Jan 21, 2023 — Backstage with Ben featuring guests from Mantle!

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