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Litecoin Signal Shines, Suggests Downtrend Against Bitcoin I...
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Litecoin Signal Shines, Suggests Downtrend Against Bitcoin Is Over

Litecoin is trading at around $200… still. The as Litecoin has. The only other Now Or Never: Litecoin Plummets To Bottom Of Top Ten Crypto Assets

Meanwhile, Ethereum just smashed above $2,000 and Bitcoin is trading at around $60,000 per the LTCBTC trading pair. But with a handful of potential reversal signals forming on the ratio, things soon could turn around for an extended phase.


A TD 13 signal has triggered on the LTCBTC monthly | Source: LTCBTC on

LTCBTC Reversal: The Sign That Things Could Finally Turn Around For The a short-term boost with its halving in 2019, but after it peaked then, its been all about Bitcoin in the crypto industry ever since.

Following a Relative Strength Index, an explosive breakout is imminent.

The same powerful 13 countdown is evident on quarterly timeframes also | Source: LTCBTC on

The TD 13 has also appeared on even more powerful timeframes, such as the LTCBTC quarterly represented in the chart above.

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Zoomed in even further for the chart below, there’s even a TD 9 within the past week on daily timeframes.

A less powerful TD 9 on daily timeframes may have kicked off the turning point | Source: LTCBTC on

Both a TD 9 and TD 13 signal suggest a trend is reaching a point of exhaustion, and due to turn around. And it already has since the daily TD 9 triggered.

The LTCBTC pair is now higher, and there’s green forming in a sea of red finally. If the tides finally turn, and Bitcoin maintains relatively high prices, the cost per Litecoin could explode as it finally plays catch up with the likes of its digital gold counterpart, Ethereum, and the rest of the


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