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How Metaverse Fashion Week 2022 Breaks Fashion Boundaries

How Metaverse Fashion Week 2022 Breaks Fashion Boundaries


Paris, Milan, New York and London are synonymous with fashion. Every fashion week, these cities host throngs of designers, models and wealthy A-listers who show up dressed to the nines. Tickets to top designer fashion shows are limited to the elites with exclusive passes. For average joes like us, these are events we can only dream of attending. 

That all changed when Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW) 2022 entered the picture.

Hosted on Decentraland from March 24-27, 2022, MVFW brought together the talents of artists, designers, coders and musicians. It largely mirrored real life fashion weeks, complete with runway shows, galleries, film festivals, and after-parties. The major difference? Accessibility.

As long as you have an internet connection and a crypto wallet, you’d gain instant access to dozens of events. This eliminates the pain points of traditional fashion’s exclusivity, making it open to everyone. Overall, the four-day festival celebrated fashion as a medium for limitless self-expression and creativity, while at the same time reimagining the future of conventional fashion. 

Here’s a rundown of all the hype at MVFW 2022:

High Street Brands Enter the Metaverse


Tommy Hilfiger’s pop-up at Fashion Street.

MVFW 2022 played host to 70 fashion brands, from luxury brands like Philip Plein to high street fashion labels like Forever 21 and Tommy Hilfiger

For many of these brands, MVFW provided the springboard into the world of digital fashion. Each brand had its own virtual pop-up in shopping malls or fashion streets, complete with an immersive retail experience and NFT wearables available for purchase.

Catwalks on the Wild Side


A model at the Etro Runway Show strikes a pose.

Unlike traditional runway shows, where front-row seats are reserved for VIPs, MVFW’s runway shows were open to all, with opulent viewing areas to get close-up views of avatar models strutting their styles. 

Pushing the creative envelope, luxury brands such as Dolce & Gabbana put the “cat” in “catwalk”, with feline models parading digital haute couture. Similarly, Italian fashion house Etro hosted two days of epic shows, with avatar models emerging out of blooming lotus flowers and parading their latest collection down an infinity-shaped runway.

Conversations on Fashion


A panel talk on “Sustainability and Virtual Fashion”.

Hosted by CashLabs, panel talks were another major feature of MVFW. The fireside chats were held at the rooftop garden of CashLabs Gallery, with topics like “Creating virtual fashion outside the confines of reality” and “The history of digital fashion”. 

Each panel talk brought together experts from the realms of fashion and Web3, including prominent figures such as Brian Trunzo, metaverse lead of Polygon, Daria Shapovalova, founder of DressX, Regina Turbina, founder of, etc. Moderated by David Cash, thought-provoking questions were asked while discussions generated insight on the future of digital fashion.

Out of This World Concerts


Grimes’ avatar dressed in the Auroboros “Mystique” bodysuit.

What’s fashion week without a party? MVFW hosted numerous afterparties, with electrifying dance floors and DJs dropping sick beats. In line with the launch of NFT summer wearables, Crypto Chicks invited users to attend a pool party, complete with Meta Performer, Serena Elis, performing a live concert.

The biggest headliner was, without a doubt, the Auroboros x Grimes Immersive Experience. Featuring a floating stage and celestial light show, avatars from all corners of the globe grooved to a mesmerizing 360 soundscape, with Grimes performing as an AI avatar and ending MVFW on a high. 

“The ability to explore and have options is something that’s really empowering,” says David Cash, founder of CashLabs. “What makes this space so beautiful is the fact that artists and people are empowered with limitless potential, with an immersive experience accessible to everyone.”

Is this the future of fashion? We certainly think so. 

Metaverse fashion provides artists the freedom to explore and the ability to solve traditional fashion’s challenges of sustainability and accessibility. On the other hand, wearable NFTs elevate the virtual to tangible and can be used as a powerful tool for creative self-expression. Finally, it allows brands to connect with new demographics while serving existing audiences with novel interactivity. This is just the start of a fashion renaissance and our team at Bybit is excited to play a part with our FashionFi partnership with MIRL.

As the saying goes, “The clothes maketh the man.” Perhaps in the near future, that will evolve to “The NFT wearables maketh the avatar.”

Source: Bybit Blog


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