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Coingeek Funds BCH Blockchain Development Training in the Ph...
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Coingeek Funds BCH Blockchain Development Training in the Philippines

Coingeek Funds BCH Blockchain Development Training in the Philippines

On Thursday, April 19 the Calvin Ayre-owned blockchain and mining firm, Coingeek, announced it is contributing over $150,000 USD to help fund a blockchain developer training program in the Philippines. Coingeek believes the projects like these will help bolster the global, low-fee peer-to-peer digital currency known as bitcoin cash by improving the blockchain development community.

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Coingeek Funds Another Project to Bolster Bitcoin Adoption

Coingeek Funds BCH Blockchain Development Training in the PhilippinesThe blockchain organization Coingeek owned by the billionaire Calvin Ayre has been funding a lot of research and development in regard to the Bitcoin blockchain (BCH). Just recently it launched a £5Mn Bitcoin Cash tokenization contest, while at the same time revealing the funding of the privacy-centric BCH project Cash Shuffle, and the popular wallet client Electron Cash. Now Coingeek plans to fund the Stacklab blockchain training program in the Philippines as the area is the second largest IT outsourcing region worldwide.

“[It is] important to train more developers to work in blockchain technology, because experienced blockchain developers are in short supply,” explains Coingeek.

A minimum of fifty developers will be trained on developments skills focusing on the Bitcoin BCH blockchain Trainees will be selected at a coding tournament using the world’s most unbiased programmer capability evaluation test, which was funded by the World Bank and is recognized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).    

Coingeek Funds BCH Blockchain Development Training in the Philippines

Trainees Will Focus on Coding the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain

Stacklabs (a Stacktrek Enterprise subsidiary) hopes to create next-generation development hubs in the Philippines. The first Stacklab training program with Coingeek will be held in the city of Iloilo. The London-based blockchain research and development company Nchain will also assist the Stacklab program curriculum and trainee projects.

“The training programs will be focused on coding on the Bitcoin BCH chain, the one true public blockchain,” Coingeek emphasizes during the announcement.

Coingeek also explains that only those who test in the top 2 through 11 percentile will make the cut for Stacklab’s Philippines project. After developers are chosen they will take a six-month training program, and Stacklab will help the trainee find an employment position in the blockchain workforce. The hope is to “transform developing cities” like Iloilo and turn them into technology centers.

What do you think about Coingeek funding a blockchain training program in order to help promote bitcoin cash development? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Images via Shutterstock, Bitcoin Cash logos, and Coingeek. 

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