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HTC’s Latest Blockchain Phone Can Run a Full Bitcoin Node

Taiwanese electronics manufacturer HTC has launched its latest blockchain phone, the Exodus 1s, which enables users to support the bitcoin…

Coinshares, Blockchain Launch Gold Token Network on a Bitcoin Sidechain

Digital asset manager CoinShares is putting gold on the bitcoin blockchain. Working with wallet provider Blockchain and precious medal trader…

Zcash’s Halo Breakthrough Is a Big Deal – Not Just For Cryptocurrencies

CoinDesk's Mike Casey explores a technological breakthrough by the company behind the zcash cryptocurrency. Source:

TRON, Stellar Join Mousebelt’s Blockchain Education Alliance to Train Student Developers

The 13 firm alliance will tackle crypto recruiters’ perennial high-demand-and-low-supply job quandary with a raft of tools to train students.…

Australia’s Gold Mint Is Backing a Crypto Token on Ethereum

The government-owned Perth Mint is backing a new digital token aimed to allow investors to trade and settle gold in real…

New Libra Fork Will Create Permissionless Stablecoin Free of Corporate Control

Thirty blockchain companies and nonprofit organizations plan to fork the Facebook-led Libra cryptocurrency to build an open alternative. Source:

Bitcoin’s Dropping Lightning Capacity Might Not Be a Bad Thing

A look at some recent data around usage on bitcoin's lightning network. Source:

NBA’s Sacramento Kings to Reward Loyal Fans With Crypto Tokens

Based on the ERC-20 standard, the Kings Token will be a first for a U.S. professional sports team. Source:

From Cardano to Ethereum, 2020 Could Be Deciding Year for Proof-of-Stake

Two of the industry’s most hotly anticipated PoS networks are scheduled to (re)launch in Q1. Source:

IKEA in ‘World First’ Transaction Using Smart Contracts and Licensed E-Money

IKEA Iceland has taken part in a commercial transaction using ethereum smart contracts and EU-licensed blockchain e-cash to settle an…

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