Smart Contracts

Unwrapping the Ocean Plastic Conundrum Via Blockchain

Every year 8 million tons of plastics get dumped in the oceans. Can blockchain help clean up the mess? Source:…

Tiny $217 Options Trade on Bitcoin Blockchain Could Be Wall Street’s Death Knell

Skew., a startup led by an ex-JPMorgan trader, did an S&P 500 options trade on bitcoin’s blockchain to prove the…

IKEA in ‘World First’ Transaction Using Smart Contracts and Licensed E-Money

IKEA Iceland has taken part in a commercial transaction using ethereum smart contracts and EU-licensed blockchain e-cash to settle an…

Aragon Expects Ethereum’s Istanbul Hard Fork to Break 680 Smart Contracts

Ethereum’s Istanbul hard fork is expected to break 680 smart contracts on the decentralized management platform Aragon Source:

Spanish Facebook Rival Taringa Is Sold to Smart Contract Dev RSK

Subsidiary of smart contract developer RSK buys Latin America’s Facebook rival Taringa Source:

Report: Ethereum’s Gas-Guzzling Suspected Ponzi FairWin Funds at Risk

Ethereum’s most gas-hungry contract, dubbed FairWin, can allegedly be drained by insiders and contains critical vulnerabilities that purportedly put funds…

Telegram to Award Devs $400K in TON Blockchain Smart Contracts Contest

Telegram launches a smart contracts contest for the TON Blockchain with a prize fund of $400,000 Source:

Ex-UBS Head Wants His Crypto Bank to Tap $220B Cryptocurrency Market

Peter Wuffli, former head of UBS, and director at Swiss crypto bank Sygnum sees a tremendous opportunity in providing custody…

WATCH: How Blockchain Oracles Could Take Chainlink to New Highs

Chainlink CEO Sergey Nazarov says there's one big thing holding back corporate adoption of blockchain technology. Source:

Ether Price Drop Shakes DAI Stablecoin Peg, Two Collateral Contracts Closed

The reliability and weaknesses of the decentralized stablecoin DAI and the ecosystem built on it have been shown by the…

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