US Police Devices Firm Explores Blockchain to Fight Deepfake Videos

Axon, a maker of police body cams in the U.S., is looking to blockchain to verify video authenticity Source:

Hackers Launch Widespread Botnet Attack on Crypto Wallets Using Cheap Russian Malware

With millions of dollars cryptocurrency stolen from crypto wallets every year, security researchers were found one active botnet being run…

MakerDAO Bounty Program Catches ‘Critical’ Bug Before Launch

MakerDAO patched a "critical" bug in its upcoming Multi-Collateral Dai upgrade that could have put 10% of the system's total…

Algorand Integrates Tech to Bring Users Detailed Analysis of Largest Blockchains

Algorand is gaining the ability to analyze the largest blockchains by adding the PARSIQ monitoring system to its platform. Source:…

Coinbase’s Chief Legal Counsel Tackles Crypto Ratings Concerns

The chief legal counsel at Coinbase responds to concerns that conflicts of interest could compromise the company’s newly-created Crypto Ratings…

Offline Transactions: The Final Frontier for Global Crypto Adoption

Some blockchain startups are exploring mesh networks and satellite technology to enable offline crypto transactions Source:

Parity Updates Tech to Let You Turn Old Phones Into Cold Storage Crypto Wallets

Parity adds support for Polkadot in the latest beta version of its mobile cold wallet app. Source:

Six Major Japanese Brokerages Form Security Token Offering Association

A self-regulatory organization has been formed in Japan to guide security token offerings. Source:

US Department of Homeland Security Awards $143K Grant to Blockchain Firm

The United States Department of Homeland Security has awarded $143,478 to Vienna-based Danube Tech to develop blockchain security solutions Source:…

BitPay Undergoes Security and Confidentiality Certification Audit

BitPay has undergone a security and confidentiality compliance audit, the Service Organization Control 2 Source:

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