Yes, Even Bitcoin HODLers Can Lose Money in the Long-Term: Here’s How

Since dropping from its 2019 high at $13,800, Bitcoin (BTC) has been in a rut which has led to the…

Tone Vays says Ethereum is Useless and Bitcoin Might Moon in 2023

Bitcoin celebrity Tone Vays and crypto analyst filbfilb discuss Bakkt, Libra, shi*tcoins and the upcoming bull market Source:

Chinese Bitcoin Investor: CNH Tether Avoids USDT Regulatory Risk

Bitcoin investor Zhao Dong speaks about Tether’s yuan-backed stablecoin and crypto investing in China Source:

Interview with Norbert Goffa: How ILCoin Blockchain Project Solves the Scalability Issue and Creates the New World of Blockchain

As the world of blockchain fights the long fight with the scalability issue, ILCoin Blockchain Project is preparing to release…

Glassnode Co-Founder Says On-Chain Data Can Spot Bitcoin’s Tops and Bottoms

Glassnode CEO Rafael Schultze-Kraft explains how on-chain data from blockchains can help crypto traders make much better trades Source:

HTC Adds Native Bitcoin Cash Support to Its Flagship Smartphone

The bitcoin cash community now has a new way to secure and transact its digital money, as HTC adds native…

‘Bitcoin Is Digital Gold’ Narrative Still Unproven, Warns Expert Trader

For many, trading cryptocurrency can be a challenge, but the process is made easier if one relies on a combination…

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