Bitcoin Solves This: Hong Kong ATMs Out Of Cash And Panic Over Indian Banks

Escalating political tensions in Hong Kong and a potential economic and banking crisis in India has highlighted how fragile cash…

Walmart Uses Blockchain Tech to Track Shrimp Supply Chains

Walmart is tracking Indian shrimp supplies with IBM’s Food Trust platform Source:

RBI Ban Stops Indian Police From Cashing Out Seized Crypto

The effects of banking restrictions by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) have reached an Indian police department. The police…

India Police Can’t Move Seized Crypto Due to India’s Anti-Crypto Law

The police of Pune, India, can’t transfer $1.2 million in seized crypto due to India’s anti-cryptocurrency laws Source:

Bithumb Global to Launch Regulated Crypto Exchange in India: Report

Report: South Korean exchange Bithumb’s international platform Bithumb Global is looking to establish a regulated cryptocurrency exchange in India Source:…

How G20 Central Bank Digital Currencies Are Progressing

Central bank digital currency has become a hot topic among finance ministers and central bankers worldwide, with some G20 countries…

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