Dutch Central Bank: World Will Need Gold if Entire System Collapses

Crypto-skeptic Dutch central bank admits gold superiority to fiat money Source:

Dutch National Bank Says Gold Can Re-Start Economy in Case of Total Collapse

An article found on the De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) website has surprised many in the crypto space, with its bold…

VanEck: 4 Reasons Why Bitcoin Improves Investment Portfolio Upside

Major U.S. asset manager VanEck lists 4 reasons why Bitcoin improves an investment portfolio Source:

Is Bitcoin a Safe Haven Like Gold? These Four Charts Say Not Yet

Market movements show us that bitcoin is not generally accepted as a safe-haven investment. Source:

Australia’s Gold Mint Is Backing a Crypto Token on Ethereum

The government-owned Perth Mint is backing a new digital token aimed to allow investors to trade and settle gold in real…

Perth Mint, InfiGold Launch Gold-Backed Token on Public Blockchain

The Perth Mint and InfiGold have jointly launched a digital token pegged 1:1 with GoldPass certificates Source:

Liquidity Provider B2C2 Launches Gold Derivative Settled in Bitcoin

The U.K.-licensed firm's new product allows clients to synthetically trade gold against bitcoin and aims to capitalize on a growth…

B2C2 Launches New Gold Derivative Priced and Settled in Bitcoin

B2C2’s new gold-Bitcoin derivative pays out in BTC Source:

‘Gold-Backed’ Crypto Token’s Promoter Investigated by Florida Regulators

Karatbars, issuer of a purportedly gold-backed crypto token, is under investigation by Florida regulators over links to a Miami “crypto…

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