Erik Finman

‘Teenage Bitcoin Millionaire’ Co-Founds $1 Million Investment Fund for Crypto Startups

Erik Finman's $1 million fund will make seed-level investments in startups dealing in banking and decentralized finance. Source:

Reformed BTC Maximalist Erik Finman Proves the Value of Unschooling

A 12-year-old, future unschooling advocate at an Occupy Wall Street protest learns about Bitcoin while running from the cops. He…

Why the Youngest Bitcoin Millionaire is Willing to Stake it All on Metal Pay

Metallicus, the startup behind the peer to peer payments platform Metal Pay, received an undisclosed angel investment from the youngest…

Teen Bitcoin Millionaire Erik Finman Proclaims Bitcoin Is ‘Dead’ Long-Term

Teen crypto star Erik Finman has said Bitcoin (BTC) “may have a bull market or two left in it,” but…

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