CME: Despite Pullback in Bitcoin Prices, Investor Interest Is Strong

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Group recently tweeted that, despite the Bitcoin (BTC) price pullback, customer interest in CME Bitcoin…

CME Group Expects New Bitcoin Options to See High Demand in Asia

CME Group expects its new Bitcoin options to be highly popular in Asia Source:

Institutions Long on Bitcoin as Analysts Expect Upward Price Breakout

Despite the harrowing price drop seen in late September, institutions are expecting for the Bitcoin (BTC) price to soon head…

CME Exec: No Plans for Physically Settled BTC Contracts Currently

A senior executive says CME Group has no current plans to launch physically settled BTC contracts Source:

Are Trading Vehicles Dragging Crypto Into Maturity?

A key component of a mature cryptocurrency economy is derivative instruments, which allow hedging, risk optimization and more. But what’s…

First Week of Bakkt: Slow Start Unlikely to Dampen Long-Term Prospects

Bakkt futures off to a slow start, crypto industry will have to wait some more for a flash flood of…

Bitcoin Price ‘Manipulated’ Before Futures Settlement Dates: Research

Bitcoin dips 75% of the time before futures expire, new data suggests Source:

Appetite for Bitcoin Futures Is Growing

After all the fanfare, fevered anticipation, and breathless media coverage, Bakkt’s launch of bitcoin futures on Monday was a damp…

Institutional Interest in Bitcoin Dipped Hugely Post Libra Dispute

After bitcoin popped and fizzled last year, no institutional body was willing to touch it. Banking giant Goldman Sachs abruptly…

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