Bitcoin Scams

N. Korean Hackers’ New MacOS Malware Hides Behind Fake Crypto Firm

North Korea’s Lazarus APT Group hackers have created another malware targeting macOS crypto users Source:

Bank of Ireland Execs Back Out of Testifying in OneCoin Scam Hearings

Bank of Ireland executives change their stance about voluntary testimony in the OneCoin scam case Source:

US Charges Singaporean Miner Who Stole $5M Worth of Cloud Computing Power

The United States prosecutors officially indict a man from Singapore for stealing Amazon Web Services’ cloud computing power to mine…

Research: $160 Malware Botnet Tries to Steal Crypto From 72,000 Devices

Crypto phishing scam MasterMana reaches 2,000 users weekly: research Source:

Attorneys Seek Bank of Ireland Execs’ Testimony Against OneCoin Scammer

U.S. attorneys have submitted a motion seeking testimony from former Bank of Ireland execs in the case of a OneCoin…

Fake Royal Letter Asks $2.5M in BTC to Save UK’s Economy After Brexit

Fraudsters pose as a royal secretary asking for $2.5 million in BTC from the British to save economy after Brexit…

Binance Helps UK Police to Stop $51 Million Phishing Fraud

Binance assists British police in an investigation of a $51 million phishing attack Source:

South Korean Court: Exchange Must Cover User’s Stolen Cryptocurrency

A district court in Seoul has ruled that cryptocurrency exchange CoinOne must partially cover an investor’s hacked funds Source:

Users of Nigeria-Based Crypto Wallet Lose $1M in Alleged Exit Scam

Users of Nigeria-based Satowallet have lost $1 million due to an alleged exit scam Source:

Fake Bitcoin Investment Platform From ‘Elon Musk’ Promises 4,000% ROI

Scammers are using fake mainstream news articles to advertise a nonexistent and potentially dangerous Bitcoin investment platform.  “Bitcoin Profit” features…

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